Caval for beginners

The kaval:

This is a long flute with 5 holes as though the lowest hole is missing, and on the quart note it sounds a specific interval, an extended oriental character quarter note. Thus the scale have its minor character , with an extended quart intoned underneath. The base is the quint-changed playing. If we leave the bottom hole of the flute, then we create a minor scale with five holes. If we acquire the quint-changed technique, then we orientate on the kaval also.

2nd octave
D/ re 2-6
E/ mi 🙂 3-6
F/ fa 4-6
G/ sol 5,6
A/ la 6

A/ la 2-6
H/ si 3-6
C/ do 4-6
D/ re 5,6
E/ mi 6

More one note on 3. octave

D/ re 2-6 this is the forth owertone

It have a specific melodical lines, on the hungarian speech area it is located at the moldavian Csangos , where they are playing melodic lines borned on this intrument (belter, hander, Sweet-Gergelem and other singed melodies).

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