Presentation style and tools

The shepherd flute was one of the beloved intruments among the shepherd people who lived in the Carpathic area. These days is used just by few of them.
This instrument has been discovered and experienced by the shepherds, and the use is not uniform. The scale is a major one, which is based on the third and the seventh notes, this is a natural attachment of the instrument, and certain styles of playing eliminate this, but others are playing in this manner. The basic sound of the flutes is changing, so thus the basictone also. We can distinguish three different blowing-intensity, so in this manner is obtainable the two and a half octave. The blowings give the first three harmonic overtones: base, octave, quint. Thus come into being the total register.

If we are numbering the holes on the flute, from 1 to 6 and from the bottom to the top, then we could grab the sounds as follows:

1st octave
C/ do 1-6
D/ re 2-6
E/ mi 🙂 3-6
F/ fa 4-6
G/ sol 5,6
A/ la 6
bB/ 4,5
H/si empty

2nd octave
C/ do 1-5
D/ re 2-6
E/ mi 🙂 3-6
F/ fa 4-6
G/ sol 5,6
A/ la 6
bB/ 5
C/ do 4,5

Cupple of melodies with this technic:

On basic note tune

Hodorog Andras Play for teching , simple without enrichment of melodie

The essence of the quint-blowing is that on the third blowing-intensity the flute it sounds with a quint note higher

Kvintátfuvás Quint-blowing
G/ sol 1-6
A/ la 2-6
H/ si 3-6
C/ do 4-6
D/ re 5,6
E/ mi 6

On same way work the Caval

To melodies , Öves, Sârba, on basic note tune. the secound with Quint Bloving

Ion RusuPlaying quint Bloving

Also Ion Stanciu

on this exemples we can also detect some stilar elements, some particularyty of shepherdflute

stilar elements

lock how use the lips on wihstle on other site of holes.

The throat sound, is also present on old willage ,musicians. this coming for a constant growl in one long, deep note from vocal corde.

(something the same is using Ian Anderson on famous rockband, Jethro tull.)

The neutral third it seems normal on this music

Special thanks for translation for

Fazakas Lajos